West African Music Fest

WOW! What an inspiring experience for all at the West African Music Fest at Redhook Brewery - even the clouds stepped aside for the festivities! A very special thanks to Randy Armstrong, Volker Nahrmann, Jose Duque, Shamou, Theo Martey and Akwaaba Ensemble, Erich Ludwig & Federator No. 1, Liz Fowler, Namory Keita and the Seacoast West African Dance & Drum Group for bringing everyone together in celebration. Thanks also to event sponsors D.J. Shaughnessy & F.L. Putnam Advisors, John Ahlgren, Murphy, Powers & Wilson CPA's and John Davis & Jennifer Burt-Davis. Our best to Portsmouth Mayor Bob Lister for kicking off the third annual West Africa Day for us. And of course to the RAIN team of volunteers for their amazing efforts.

festival sponsors

FL Putnam Investors
John Ahlgren - Legal Advisor

Murphy, Powers & Wilson CPA'sMurphy, Powers & Wilson CPA's






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The Tuareg call themselves many names, including "Kel Tamasheq" (Speakers of Tamasheq), "Imazaghan" (The Free People), and "Kel Tagelmust" (People of the Veil).
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