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forging an integrated pathway to education

Access to food, water, education and livelihoods may sound like worthwhile, but unrelated goals. Yet, incorporated into traditional lives and customs, RAIN's programs create an integrated pathway to sustainability and cultural harmony. 

All of our programs share a common goal: supporting nomadic schools where children must have food to eat and teachers to teach them. Learn more about how they work in tandem to make it happen.


Many nomadic children need help to stay in and succeed in school, especially girls. Our mentoring programs provide guidance, practical skills training, health education and advocacy for at-risk girls. Mentors become themselves literate, inspiring parents to do the same, creating a "Literacy Loop" of parents learning along with their children.

Sustainable Agriculture

The cornerstone of RAIN's programs, School Market Gardens provide food for schoolchildren, boosting food security for the community as a whole. Children learn organic agricultural techniques in addition to their academic studies. Families come out to dig and plant the gardens, becoming invested in their success. Hand in hand with food security is access to water to irrigate the crops and provide fresh drinking water for all. Wells are dug where there were none, allowing children to attend school by freeing them from the task of fetching water.

Community Enterprise

Education is a long term goal and needs support to be sustained. Parents come together with RAIN to form LEGS: Learning and Earning Groups that support their schools as well as their own families. Women form artisan and agricultural cooperatives, men open cereal banks and general stores and share their herds with the schools. These parents learn new livelihoods while earning funds for their children to be nourished in mind and body.

 To learn how an entire community is transformed with RAIN's programs, visit the community of Bonfeba!


Our Work

In Tuareg terms, the Sahara desert is not one desert, but many, going by the name "Tinariwen" - "The Deserts."
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