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There are many NGOs that help Africa. Very few are on the ground in rural, remote regions of West Africa. Niger is no exception. Though it is often ranked as the poorest country in world, the rural poor see little or no aid. RAIN answers the call.


Must a people disappear for us to know they exist?

Traditionally herders and caravaners, nomadic people in these regions are in trouble. They find themselves increasingly marginalized and with less and less room to live their lives as they have for centuries. Men must often leave their families in "exod" - relocating to neighboring countries to find work - weakening the fabric of their traditions and ability to survive. Increasing drought brings more frequent food shortages and uncertainty. Schools lay abandoned, and nomadic children must work to help their families survive.

providing a "leg up"

But these communities are ready and motivated to overcome these obstacles - they just need a "leg up." Through RAIN, you can provide that boost that is so urgently needed and hoped for. Very little goes a long way in Niger. Nomadic parents, teachers and children are committing themselves daily in their efforts to improve their situation. They are dedicated to making the most of your support and investment. Won't you answer the call? 

"We rebuilt our temporary classroom every September for twenty years, hoping one day someone would pass by, see our hard work and help us. Finally, RAIN has arrived."  - Chief of Ingui, Niger 

Show our partner communities that the world cares about their future - and help more communities find a new future with RAIN. Please click "Donate Now" to make your donation, and visit our Get Involved page to learn all the ways you can help the nomads of Niger.



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The size of Niger is 502,000 square miles.
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