Niger and Gabon Ambassadors Special Guests for "Soul of the Sahara" at The Music Hall

Ambassador SidikouAmbassador SidikouRAIN is thrilled to welcome as special guests Ambassadors Ambassador Michael Moussa-AdamoAmbassador Michael Moussa-AdamoMaman S. Sidikou from Niger and Michael Moussa Adamo of the Republic of Gabon, to Soul of the Sahara at the Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH on April 5th Sikidou and Adamo, along with Bombino, will also be attending the pre-show gala for RAIN at the Music Hall Loft.

Also attending: City of Portsmouth, NH Mayor Eric Spear will be presenting to Bombino and both ambassadors an official Welcome and Proclaimation of April 5, 2012 as West Africa Day in Portsmouth.

Soul of the Sahara is a special stop on the world tour featuring Bombino’s acclaimed studio effort, AGADEZ.

All proceeds go to support RAIN’s work in Niger, West Africa.Tickets are $35 ($25 for S/S/M) and can be purchased at The Music Hall Box Office by calling 603.436.2400 or online.

Learn more about the Tuaregs of Niger

For the Tuareg, the desert is freedom. Music is the power.

AGADEZ, the Music and the Rebellion, the award winning documentary by Ron Wyman featuring international music star Bombino, will screen at The Music Hall in Portsmouth on March 30th @7PM as part of their Film Matters series. 

Follow director Wyman as he takes you on a journey to the sands of the Sahara, tracking down the meaning of peace out of conflict and its unlikely messenger - a soft spoken guitarist whose music has become the soundtrack of a new Tuareg generation.

After the screening, Wyman will be joined by RAIN founder Bess Palmisciano and soundtrack composer/sound engineer Chris DeCato to host a discussion focusing on the making of "AGADEZ" and the unique challenges faced by Tuareg nomads in West Africa as their legendary culture meets head-on with the 21st century.  Click here to order tickets.


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Tuareg men from the Aïr region spend 5-7 months each year on camel caravans, traveling to Bilma for dates and salt, and then to Kano to trade them for millet and other foodstuffs, household tools, and luxury items such as spices, perfume, and cloth.
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