The International Foundation Supports School Market Garden Expansion

Rain for the Sahel and Sahara is pleased to announce a new partnership with The International Foundation to expand and repair School Market Gardens in two partner communities. This brings us closer to our 2015 goal of expanding four gardens, reflecting the overall Food & Water Security Program goal for all community and school gardens to be self-sustaining within 3-5 years. The generous $10,000 grant will cover fence supplies, a supplemental drip irrigation system, one well installation, seeds for two growing seasons, and fruit trees as a cash generating crop. 


The International Foundation funds US-based non-profit organizations who partner with poor communities in the developing world to improve their health, education and incomes, while strengthening local capacity to sustain their benefits. At the core of their mission is the concept that charity alone isn’t enough. We must take charity to a level that delivers measurable and sustainable change that is “owned” by the project participants and that leaves broad, lasting benefits. We prioritize the principles of self-determination, local engagement, and sustainability, both as means to and ends of our philanthropic goals. To learn more, visit

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The Cure Salee (Salt Cure), or "Festival of the Nomads" is a yearly gathering of the Tuareg and Wodaabe peoples in the salt flats in Ingall. Marking the end of the rainy season, it's an occasion of celebration to restore herds before traveling south.
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