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Strategic Plan

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

RAIN was born in the rocky outcroppings of the Air Massif ten years ago, and is poised to grow. Read about our plan for the future - including expansion into the Tahoua and Tillaberi regions, 20% program increases per year, and how we've built a durable and replicable model for grassroots community development. Follow our map to sustainable change! Click the image to view the PDF.


Annual Reports

2009 Annual Report

RAIN turns the USAID mentoring program into our own with our partner communities. Click on the image to view the PDF.




2010 Annual Report

RAIN introduces herding programs and responds to the food crisis in Niger. Click on the image to view the PDF.


2011 Annual Report

 We celebrate our 10th anniversary and peace comes to Niger. Click on the image to view the PDF. 



2012 Annual Report

Seiga and Mari continue to grow with RAIN and Bombino raises the roof in New Hampshire. Click on the image to view the PDF.

Tuareg men from the Aïr region spend 5-7 months each year on camel caravans, traveling to Bilma for dates and salt, and then to Kano to trade them for millet and other foodstuffs, household tools, and luxury items such as spices, perfume, and cloth.
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